Other Work

Drug Resistance

In 2012 and 2014, along with collaborators Roger Kouyos and Jessica Metcalf, I organized a pair of RAPIDD workshops focused on the questions surrounding the impact of coinfection on antimicrobial therapy and drug resistances. The first workshop focused heavily on treatment, specifically on treatment strength and duration. Inspired in part by this study by Andrew Read's group, we aimed to tease out what theoretical and experimental evidence suggests about optimal treatment for minimizing resistance evolution. The second workshop focused more specifically on coinfection and on how different types of interactions between coinfecting pathogens might affect the evolution of resistance, contrasting two extremes, "antagonistic" and "synergistic" pathogens (video abstract here). Manuscripts from the first and second workshops are available here and here. Please contact us with any questions or full-text requests of the manuscripts if you are unable to access them from the above links.

Ant-plant Mutualism

As part of a field course on tropical ecology, I worked with several other students on a project examining the prevalence of a previously-unidentified parasitic midge on Acacia Drepanolobium and its association with species of ant-mutualist inhabiting the tree.

Our work was published in Biotropica and can be downloaded here.

Quality of Care

While a research assistant in the Department of Primary Care and Social Medicine at Imperial College, I worked on several projects relating to quality of primary care including measuring ethnicity-based inequalities and management of neuropathic pain.